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Somerset Recycling Tracker

What happens to your recycling?


The Somerset Recycling Tracker has been developed by the Somerset Waste Partnership to highlight exactly what happens to your recycling after it's been collected.


Of the 137,146 tonnes of recycling collected kerbside and at recycling sites in 2020-21, 97.8% of Somerset’s recycling stayed in the UK, whilst over 50% stayed in Somerset. The key figures are highlighted in the helpful infographic below.


Last year 4,359 tonnes of plastic were collected, of which a remarkable 99.4% stayed in the UK. The materials that Somerset recycled or reused saved 123,000+ tonnes of carbon - the equivalent of taking 47,000 cars off the road for a year.


This great achievement was helped by your kerbside sorting. It means we have good quality materials that are easier to find reprocessors for closer to home.


Showing where recycling has gone is one of the best ways to motivate people to recycle more. Please visit the Somerset Recycling Tracker for more details.


Source: Somerset Waste Partnership

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