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The Five R's - Reducing Our Waste

The Five R's Mantra For Life




Make the 5 R’s your mantra to reducing your carbon footprint and ecological impact. Find out your carbon footprint here.


The five R’s are considerations we should all make when consuming anything, and four of these should be considered before any recycling takes place.


We need to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and if we can’t do the first four, then Recycle.

HOw well do you know your 5 R's (1).png

Refuse – Say No to what you don’t need, it’s the simplest way to minimise your environmental impact.


Reduce - the amount of items you purchase by being mindful of what you truly need. Less is more, small is beautiful.

Reuse - Switch disposable items for reusable and long life alternatives. Reusing also means selling and buying used items, swapping and donating to loving homes instead of ending up as waste.


Repurpose – Every item that can’t be refused, reduced or reused, could be repurposed, or as it’s more readily known - upcycled!

Recycle – We’re programmed to believe recycling is the go-to solution for waste reduction, but it’s actually number five on the list behind refuse, reduce, and reuse and repurpose. Recycling is still energy intensive and unless we reduce and buy recycled products there is very little benefit in recycling.




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