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Recycle More

As of June 2021 South Somerset District residents have Recycle More.

South Somerset’s new recycling regime is now up and running, with Recycle More collecting tonnes more recycling in its first week.

Most people in Somerset recycle, yet more than half the contents of the average Somerset bin could have been recycled.

Recycle More makes it easier for everyone to recycle even more. It helps protect our environment, tackle climate change and saves money. Play your part, do what is right and join Recycle More’s success.

What's changed?

More recycling collected every week. 


As well as all previous materials – including food waste, paper, card, tins, cans, aerosols, foil, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles – Recycle More adds the following to weekly kerbside recycling collections:

  • Plastic pots, tubs and trays;

  • Food and drink cartons (such as Tetra Paks); and

  • Small household batteries and electrical items.

A new recycling container

Everyone should have received a new recycling container – a 60-litre Bright Blue Bag – for their lighter recycling materials. It is tough to last, base-weighted to stay put, Velcro-closed to make sure the contents stay put, and folds flat for easy storage when empty.

Three-weekly rubbish collections

With so much more recycled each week, big bin rubbish will be collected every three weeks. Extra support is available for anyone in South Somerset with concerns about their own situation and Recycle More. Complete the online form to request extra support and assistance from Somerset Waste Partnership. Extra advice and support will also be available for families using nappies and similar hygiene products.

Garden waste and clinical waste collections are unchanged.



Somerset Waste Partnership

Visit Somerset Waste Partnership's website for practical tips on reducing your waste, including:

  • 'Action on Plastics' page which includes making a pledge against preventable plastics here. You can also submit your own ideas to tackle the plastic problem;

  • Garden tips and a special compost bin offer;

  • Details on reusing and passing items on, including organisations and scrap-stores in Somerset; and

  • Tackling nappy waste and re-useable nappies!

You can find more information on the scheme, as well as resources on reducing your waste here.

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