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Jem Langworthy
Jan 07, 2022
In Nature Appreciation
I have already posted this message on the wildflower post but it seems to me that it is of wider application and is relevant to much of what we as environment champions should be looking to do. I am the environment champion for the Parish of Barwick and Stoford. In 2020 I had the good fortune to have the benefit of lots of help (in the form of advice and practical physical assistance) in the preparation, sowing and ultimately cutting of one of the verges in Barwick, and in the village churchyard. It made me very aware of how we are dependent on mutual support. None of us has a monopoly on skills, contacts, or equipment. It seems to me vital that environment champions share those those assets. This website seems like a good place to do it. Ought we to maintain some some sort of skills directory? Or should we at the very least keep a webpage open here for calls for assistance? Any thoughts anyone? As for me, I am an experienced birder and since the late 1980s have done survey work for the British Trust for Ornithology. Last year I did a scything course (great fun) and have my own scythe. I possess two electric scarifiers (don't ask why two - it's a long story). I am willing to help out in any parishes within a reasonable distance (tell me where you are and I'll tell you if it's reasonable). The quid pro quo will be me asking you for your help in return. I don't want to blunder on without having taken some soundings, so please let get in touch via this site or directly at
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Jem Langworthy

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