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Local Plan

Emerging Local Plan Review 2020-2040


As we prepare the next iteration of the emerging Local Plan Review 2020-2040, we will be reinforcing the approach to sustainability and the environment. 

This will include reinforcing the approach to the sustainable construction of new buildings to encourage buildings to:


  • maximise energy efficiency;

  • incorporate passive heating/cooling systems,

  • consider orientation of new buildings; and

  • opportunities for renewable energy and energy storage.

The Government’s Future Homes Standard aims to improve the energy efficiency and performance of new buildings from 2025 through amendments to Building Regulations, with interim improvements to be implemented from June 2022. The Government’s aim is to ensure buildings meeting the Future Homes/Buildings Standard will become zero carbon over time as electricity networks increasingly are supplied from renewable/low carbon technologies. This will also require buildings to be heated by non-fossil fuel energy sources such as air source/ ground source heat pumps.


Further details on how to get involved with the draft Local Plan Review can be found here.

local-plan-review 2020-2040.png

Adopted Local Plan 2006-2028

The Local Plan sets out the long term planning framework for the district up to the year 2028. The documents can be viewed here.


The adopted Local Plan 2006-2028 policy EQ2 General Development aims to ensure that development contributes to social, economic and environmental sustainability and makes a positive difference to people’s lives. New buildings are currently considered against sustainable construction principles, creation of quality places and making efficient use of land.


Policy TA1 Low Carbon Travel already requires EV charging points for parking spaces within the curtilage of new development.

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