Events and Webinars


Building Sustainable Communities

26 May (6pm) - Somerset Cricket Ground, Taunton

Having talked about the ‘what’ and ‘why’ for Building Sustainably, Bradfords Construction are delighted to bring their first event that focusses on the ‘how’. Join Bradford's and Trustmark for an evening of understanding how you can go about building sustainably.

Speakers will cover green finance, upcoming legislation and grants, and a practical look at designing sustainability into construction projects. For architects, planners, trades, contractors and home occupiers. Sign up below.

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FREE Energy Efficiency Advice Surgeries

April 2022 (various dates) - one to one sessions

The Community Council for Somerset (CCS) are offering free advice to community building committees!

The support from CCS includes understanding how to make your building more energy-efficient, and the tools to secure funding to make these energy-saving improvements.

If this sounds like something your community could benefit from, you can find out more on our community energy webpage linked down below.

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Save money whilst reducing your carbon footprint: SME Business Workshop

22 March (4:30-6pm) - Virtual

We invited businesses to attend a free SME Workshop: Save Money whilst reducing your Carbon Footprint. SSDC have teamed up with Yeovil College and Employer Links to offer a series of fantastic free workshops to help you understand how to save money, become more efficient and understand the steps that will help you to reduce your carbon footprint. Look out for details of our upcoming events.


Community Buildings: How to undertake a DIY Energy Audit

February 2022 - Virtual

Watch the Community Council for Somerset's webinar and find out how to undertake a DIY energy audit of your village hall, and identify practical steps for improving energy efficiency. Key topics covered include:

• Different types of heating including conventional and renewables

• Understanding energy usage

• Heating controls and who has the power

• Using the Audit Tool; and

• The next steps.

phosphate & planning webinar

The problem with Phosphates

2 February 2022 Webinar Recording

Watch our webinar on the topic, which provides an overview of phosphates and why they are causing an environmental issue in South Somerset and beyond, as well as the associated impact it's having on planning and development across the district. This is followed by a presentation from one of our local Environment Champions on the role of “Citizen Science”, how you can get involved with monitoring phosphates on your local river, and ways to mitigate!

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Community Renewable Energy Forum

7 Dec - Recording

Somerset Climate Action Network hosted a community renewable energy forum in December 2021 to showcase the various community renewable energy projects currently running in Somerset. This included community lead organisations and their projects, including details of how they came about, their achievements so far and tips for starting a new initiative.  Presentations included Solar Streets Bruton, Avalon Community Energy and Wedmore Community Co-op.


Rivercide - Polluting rivers

Re-watch Rivercide at the link below.

Friends of the River Frome presented a screening of Rivercide in November, a ground breaking investigative documentary into the state of UK rivers, presented by environmental writer George Mobiot. If you missed it, you can watch it at the link below. 


SSDC's Wildflower Seminar

Catch up on the live recording.

Re-watch SSDC's online webinar on wildflowers and hear about our No Mow Conservation Trials. We had talks from Plantlife's Dr Kate Petty (3:56 mins), SSDC's Horticultural lead (41:16 mins), along with local case-studies (1.08:52 mins). Click the link below to watch the recording.

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Community Wildlife Mapping

4 May (7-9pm) - Virtual

Join Somerset Wildlife Trust for a special Somerset wide event. Come along to find out how your local community can utilise community mapping and get involved.


Community wildlife mapping enables people to take note of the wildlife in their local area and use this information to the inform the actions they take locally for natures recovery. Join this informative evening to find out more about how community mapping can contribute to the nature recovery network and how communities are already putting this important tool to use.


Small Business Sustainability: Reaching Net Zero

5 April 2022 - Online (Free)

If you’re looking to understand and adopt environmentally friendly practices for your small business then join this 3-hour webinar offered by the Somerset & Devon BIP. In this free workshop, you can find out what becoming Net Zero means for your business and how to take steps to start reducing your carbon footprint. Acting now on cutting carbon can have many advantages for your business.


This forms part of 12 hours of free business support offered by the BIP. 


Wyke Farms: Sustainable Visitor Centre Tour and Anaerobic Digestor

11 March (1-4pm) - Wyke Farm, Bruton

Read a review of our recent tour of Wyke Farms' sustainable energy visitor centre and find out how they have transitioned to becoming a low carbon business. The tour saw a mix of our Parish Environment Champions, as well as representatives from local agricultural, manufacturing and processing businesses join us to find out about sustainability and carbon reduction. A great visit!

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Down by the River: Flood risk in Somerset

16 March (7-9pm) - Yeovil Westlands (Free)

Somerset Rivers Authority and Somerset Film present "Down by the River", a new documentary film exploring flood risk in Somerset and celebrating local community resilience. Plus catch related old film of Yeovil and Somerset from the archives! The event is free to attend.


Bringing the climate conversation to a wider audience - Somerset Talks

14 Jan - Live Recording

Watch Somerset Climate Action Network's recent webinar with Climate Author, George Marshall, who discusses the subject of bringing the climate conversation to a wider audience. George is a leading expert on the psychology of climate communications, having written "Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change" which was described by George Monbiot in the Guardian as "the most important book published on climate change in recent years"!


Building Sustainable Communities

24 Nov - Recording

The construction industry is a key contributor of waste. Re-watch the presentations from Bradford Building Company's 'Sustainability in the construction industry' event. Listen to a selection of speakers who addressed the topics of both retrofit to existing properties, as well as the challenges and opportunities regarding incorporating low carbon into new builds. Click the link below to watch the presentations.


Levels Climate Forum - SCOP26

6 November - Read an overview of the event!

To support the global effort on Climate Change, the Levels Climate Forum invited more than 400 Somerset parishes to the SCOP26+ Climate Conference at the Edgar Hall in Somerton on Saturday 6 November from 1pm-6pm. Watch the speakers & seminars on the YouTube Channel Read a full review of the event, including feedback from the conference and workshops.

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South Somerset Rivers: Restoration and Channel Management Walk

30 April (10:30am-12:30pm)

Join us for an in-person (leisurely!) walk at Dodham Brook, Yeovil Country Park to hear from our Yeovil Rivers Community Trust (YRCT) representative about the work they have been doing. We will also have a number of other guest speakers from the River Fly monitoring group and our SSDC Rangers team (TBC). 

Interested in joining? Please click the link below to contact us. We would like to keep a register of attendees so that we can gauge numbers!


Insulating Somerset Webinar

March 2022- Recording

Insulating our homes better is not only key to managing rising fuel prices and temperature changes, it is also crucial to helping us reach net-zero carbon emissions. Getting a retrofit assessment done by a qualified assessor will ensure that when you make the necessary changes, you can do them with the confidence that you will not be causing any other issues, such as damp and mould, which can occur if the measures aren't done to the correct standards.


Find out more by watching Somerset CAN's webinar,


Climate and Ecological Crisis? What's all the fuss about?

2 March (7-8:30pm), Virtual

Watch our recent webinar with David Ramsden MBE, who spoke about the: 'Climate and Ecological Crisis? What's all the fuss about?'. There's been quite a lot in the news recently about extreme weather, and a lot of fuss is being made about 'climate change'. There are also people talking about an 'ecological crisis' which, they say, might even become a problem for us here in Britain. The talk provides an easy-to-follow introduction to the whole subject followed by a Q&A. Click below to watch!


The Environment in the SW - Levelling Up the Conversation

March - Virtual

Watch an exciting panel question time on the 2021 Environment Act; what it means where you live, and its implementation in the South West. The panel includes Rebecca Pow MP, Minister for Environment; Tessa Munt, former MP for Wells and current SCC Councillor, Ceorgia Stokes, CEO of Somerset Wildlife Trust, and Sir Tim Smit, Co-Founder Eden Project. Topics include:

-How the Environment Act 2021 will be implemented at the local level?

- How does it fit within the Government's wider strategy for the domestic environment?

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SSDC's Community Grant Scheme

12 Jan - Recording

Our Environment Team was joined by Adrian Moore from our Locality service to inform how SSDC Community Grants can benefit local environment projects, including criteria, how to apply and examples of previous projects funded. Examples included West Coker Parish Council who installed energy-saving insulation on their village hall, Curry Rivel who bought and planted a new woodland, Milborne Port who installed a water re-fill point and Barrington Football club who installed solar panels. 


Re-wilding Somerset

Catch up on SSDC's presentation

Catch up on CPRE's hugely successful event in November 2021 exploring how we can all make Somerset a wilder, greener place where wildlife and communities can thrive. Re-watch all the presentations, including from SSDC, where we discussed our recent conservation verge trials, our parish wildflower giveaway and lots more. Other speakers included Somerset Wildlife Trust and Rewilding Britain.


FSB Small Business Conference: The Journey to Net Zero

Catch up by reading a summary of the event saved below.

The FSB hosted a FREE online conference to explore the significant role small businesses can play in the transition to Net Zero. What does net zero mean, why new targets apply to you, as well as hearing inspiring case studies from other small businesses. Read a summary at the link below.