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South Somerset
Community Biodiversity Toolkit

The Community Biodiversity Toolkit has been developed to allow our communities to take the lead in defining and restoring biodiversity in their area. It's been designed for use by community groups, local landowners, Parish and Town Councils, schools and youth groups, and provides a structure for how local communities can better understand what they already have in terms of biodiverse habitats, as well as how to plan for developing greater biodiversity in the future.


The Toolkit comes in four parts; an overview and introduction section, alongside three separate appendices that provide further detail and local case studies to support the i) planning and engagement, ii) development, and iii) delivery of your community environment plans. We have also included a series of practical tips for how you can manage your land for biodiversity, as well as in collaboration with local landowners (see Appendix 3).

South Somerset Community Biodiversity Toolkit.png

Our communities can make a real difference to their own local areas that, when joined up, will help to create a landscape scale network of habitats rich in biodiversity that will support nature recovery and all of the essential and varied benefits and services that our natural environment provides. Even the smallest project in the right place, that improves things for local species and important habitats, could make a huge difference!

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